Bewleys and the Great Hunger

Joseph Bewley (1795-1851) was a Dublin coffee and tea merchant; the eldest son of Samuel Bewley and Elizabeth Fayle who lived at Rockville, South Dublin. Joseph Bewley, would literally work himself into an early grave, at the age of 56 years, while in pursuance of his famine relief efforts. The address to which the report was sent (No 57 South William Street), was then the Dublin-headquarters of the Central Relief Committee, during its early months.

Quote; “When the rumour of a famine had become authenticated in Dublin, Joseph Bewley, a Quaker, possessing both a warm heart and full purse, (which do not always go together,) put in operation a soup shop, which fed many hundreds twice a day. This soup was of the best quality, the best meat, peas, oatmeal, etc.; and when applications became so numerous that a greater supply was requisite and funds failing, mention was made to this benevolent man that the quantity of meat must be reduced, his answer was, that not one iota should be taken off, but more added, if even it must be done entirely at his own expense.”