Living Dublin, November 2015

This 1915 centenary event takes place at 8pm in the Rotunda Hospital’s Pillar Room, 22nd November, 2015.

Event Programme

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The Rotunda Hospital and Round Room Complex, 18th Century.

Videos of 1915 Dublin

Living Dublin, 1915 on RTE Radio 1′s History Show

RTE Website, Radio 1′s The History Show with Myles Dungan,

The programme for the evening features:

Plainchant and Renaissance Polyphony from the repertoire of Cathedral Choirs in 1915 performed by past members of the Palestrina Choir and Cantando Chamber Choir, directed by former Palestrina Choir Director, Orla Barry. Event Organiser, Oisin Costello is a past member of the Palestrina Choir singing in the Bass/ Baritone line from 1993 until 2000, under the direction of Ite O’Donovan, Cmdt Joe Ryan and Orla Barry, however, his grandfather Willie, along with two of his brothers Jack and Paddy were boy choristers also at the Palestrina Choir during the period 1910-1920, Willie winning the Feis Ceoil solo Bronze in 1919 and silver in 1920.

Competition pieces reenacted from the 1915 Feis Ceoil including baritone and tenor voice, with this years Boy Soprano Feis winner, Max O’Neill performing the 1915 and 1920 boy solo competition pieces.

Extracts from the Abbey Theatre’s 1915 music programme composed by then Music Director, John Larchet and performed by RTE Concert Orchestra Principal Violinist, Sarah Sew with piano accompaniment by Concert Pianist, Stuart O’Sullivan.

RTE Fair City’s Dave Duffy introduces Percy French and sings, Eilin Og, followed by traditional Irish music contemporary to the times.

Oisin Costello sings The Minstrel Boy.

The Rotunda is centrally located in the heart of North Dublin City Centre, Parnell Square.

Throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries, Dublin was known as the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire and was a world centre for the Arts with the Rotunda Hospital’s Round Room Complex at the forefront. During this two hundred year period, musicians including Franz Liszt, Paganini and Michael Rophino Lacey, a violin child prodigy of Spanish Irish parents performed at the Rotunda. Some Irish musicians also debutted here including John Field after whom the National Concert Hall Fields Room was named, renowned 19th Century Irish Soprano, Catherine Hayes, Michael Balfe, both Fields and Balfe debuted as child prodigys at between 8 and 10 years old.

Paganini Caprices for Solo Violin and Rachmaninov Piano Solo will also feature in the evening’s programme.

In this quote from Sean O’Casey’s Plough and the Stars, reading from a pamphlet, Fluther refers to Parnell Square as the meeting point for demonstration.

 “Great Denionsthration an’ Torchlight Procession around places in the City sacred to th’ memory of Irish Pathriots to be concluded be a meeting at which will be taken an oath of fealty to th’ Irish Republic. Formation in Parnell Square at eight o’clock.”

Rare Video Footage of O’Donovan Rossa’s Funeral in 1915 with Padraig Pearse

Tickets available and from Sheila, Friends of the Rotunda. 01 8722377.

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