Grand Canal Company Employing Police and Military to Protect Grain, 1847

Excerpts from the Minutes of Friday 9th April 1847

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The Great Staple of your Trade and Revenue has heretofore been the carriage of Corn, Flour, Oatmeal and other descriptions of Agricultural product from the interior to Dublin for home consumption or for Export.

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From the insecurity of transit, Escorts of Military and Police became necessary, and although every disposition was shown on the part of the authorities to afford all practicable facility, the delays which unavoidably ensued, and the time lost by the Traders….

a very considerable amount of this traffic, which would otherwise have passed  upon the canal, as well as the important revenue which should have resulted from it, were alike

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cost to you. Some expense has also in reference to this particular been unavoidably incurred in providing the requisite accommodation for the Military and Police employed in escorting the Boats.

A further difficulty…..

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27th July 1847


I propose to draw your Humble Companies Passage Boats to and from Tullamore and Shannon Harbour for three years from the 22nd day of August within the time I formerly had and duteous to the same Covenants at the following rates, viz.  for the Night Boat, thirteen per Irish Mile, and for the Fly Boats, fifteen per mile. The standard price of Oats to be 10/. per Barrel according to the average in the Dublin Market. The above rates to rise and fall according to the prices, that is to say, at every 2/. rise in Oats I am to receive one penny per mile in addition to the above rates, and to be reduced in the same proportion when the average price of Oats shall be under Ten Shillings. The Average price to be taken monthly.
Ab. Bagnall,
The Court of Directors