1851 Census Showing Extent of “Cash” Crops and Livestock during Famine years

1851 crops during famine years

Double click on the image for a more legible rendition. The Census accounts are self explanatory, the first table shows the number of acres dedicated to cereals including Wheat, Barley, Oats, and Potatoes, Turnips, the number of acres dedicated to Oats in 1847 was 2,200,000, with total Irish acreage of 20,860,883 this means more than one acre out of every ten was producing this life saving food.

1851 census value of cattle horses sheep

The number of Beef Cattle increased from 2,000,000 in 1841 to nearly 3,000,000 in 1847, the value given was £6 per head of cattle in the census preamble, the beef cattle numbers showed a continuous slow increase to 1851, an overall increase of 50% in total from 1841 to 1851.

famine stats holdings

The value of farm animal stocks held by the smallest farmers with less than 1 acre in 1841 stood at ‎£1,700,000, this figure fell to ‎£411,000 in 1851, while the value of stocks of farmers with holdings of 1-5 acres fell from ‎£3,000,000 to ‎£590,000; animal stock values held by larger farmers with 30 acres plus rose from ‎£6,900,000 to ‎£17,800,000. The figures above show the loss of the cottier class, or small farm holdings and the gain of the larger estate owners during the period of 1841 to 1851.

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